We understand the challenges of developing and deploying learning initiatives for a captive and open audience.
We work with clients closely to understand their business realities and develop products and services that are
focused on delivering value to all stakeholders.

We offer one window for all kinds of learning development needs packaged as a one stop solution from the
vStacks’ stable.

We call it eZnetLMS, a simple easy to use tool which provides you with an exciting array of features to suit your
learning management needs.

Our strong team led by industry experts has the experience to understand your needs and customize
accordingly to deliver a world class solution at your doorstep.


eZnetLMS is a Cloud-powered application providing an all-inclusive solution to manage your workforce. The
company data is hosted on the Cloud, which means both you and the individual employee can manage
information that concerns you. The application is easy to use, runs in a secure environment, and flexible
enough to integrate with existing systems.

Learning Management System

A Cloud based learning management system from vStacks Infotech incorporates methodologies and tools that help learning managers in organizing the learning space efficiently and meticulously.

We positively impact learning interventions, thus enabling organizations to assess learning needs, thereby enhancing their learning experience.

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