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We specialise in developing Cloud based applications ranging from a Customer Relationship Management system to a full fledged Enterprise Resource Planning system.






Cloud based LMS system.


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The best ecommerce platform for growing sales.


Human Resource Management System





About Us

Being a cloud centric company we offer a range of web solutions to streamline your business. Expand your brand with vStacks design and development techniques through a client centric approach and get latest brand marketing and promotional strategies by our consultants.

Our Services

vStacks is extremely proud to work for the development of both the small scale and large scale applications essaying on quality service and customer satisfaction in all possible ways.

Our Mission

We want to help build a strong and satisfied customer base that highlights our technology strength and reliability.

Our History

vStacks was formed to develop innovative web solutions that would help fulfill the demand of the market. We have grown from a few professionals to a strong team with over 25 years of experience in web-based development. The innovation continues.

Our Services

We are a truly Cloud powered company. From web hosting solutions to mobile application development, all our solutions harness the Cloud.

Web Hosting

Our Linux / Windows hosting guarantee an uptime of 99.9% backed by a 24X7 customer support.

SEO Services

We will optimise your website using a proven system of successful search engine optimisation techniques.

Web Designing

Focusing on usability guidelines, we build intuitive user interfaces for websites, enterprise applications, and mobile apps.

Web Development

We specialise in various web technologies like PHP, ASP.NET, Java, and backend databases such as MySQL and SQL Server.

iPhone App Development

We recognise the immense popularity of iPhone and our customers' needs for reliable iPhone apps to power their businesses.

Android App Development

Catering to demands of the most popular smartphone platform we have a dedicated team that develops Android Apps.

  • Power
  • Anglo Gulf Limited
  • Mustawa
  • Gulf Business Foundation
  • Cinmar Design
  • Al Sham Diesel Meter And Pumps Trading Co.
  • Canadian Carton Industry L.L.C.
  • National Electrical System Industries FZE
  • Anglo Gulf Limited
  • Surge Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kam tht

Blog Posts

Knowledge if shared timely can only add value to our work.

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