CRM for Government and Public Sector


What is the hallmark of a truly successful government? Accessibility. Accessibility. Accessibility.
Being easy for the public to reach promotes trust. Any public office that provides efficient service to its citizens will also earn their loyalty. Now, more than ever, any projects or programs designed for the masses must be executed effectively, both in terms of cost and time.
However, that can be difficult for government or public sector offices with huge operational barriers or that lack the right coordination.
Thankfully, CRMs (or Customer Relationship Management systems) have been developed just for the public sector. Now, public offices can benefit from the same technology that has helped Fortune 500 businesses like AT&T and Bank of America.

What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship management is a term that describes the practice of managing relationships with your prospects. So, by definition, a CRM is an app that allows a business or company, large or small, manage those relationships most efficiently and for everyone’s best interest.

What is a Government CRM?

A government (or public) CRM is an app that streamlines, organizes and automates government operations, helping each office create a strong and healthy relationship with its citizens. It is used to deliver quick and accurate response to questions and queries – anything ranging from general information to specific policies and procedures to news and emergency updates.
Government CRM solutions, or CRMs for the public sector, aim to strengthen citizen relationships by understanding more about their needs and requirements.

Why Use a Government CRM?

CRMs have not just revolutionized the private sector enterprises. They have proven to be very beneficial tools for the public sector. As people’s expectation increase, the elected representatives, bureaucrats and government agencies must rise up to devise strategies that improve the experience of each citizen.
This also requires the collaboration and integration of several departments. People with various functions and at various levels are involved in the decision making process. Government CRM solutions or CRM for the public sector allow agencies to manage their daily operations and communications in one place, improving overall efficiency of the organization. They also assimilate scattered information and enhance the accessibility of real-time community issues.
Managing resources effectively is one of the most important tasks of a government organization. Cloud-based government CRM solutions were created to help public offices do this more effectively and cut the cost of delivering information to the public.
With reliable cloud servers, government offices also gain the invaluable protection of their sensitive data. This is essential to giving citizens a sense of security. Since no data is stored in the cloud, no external storage device is required, which further helps in keeping the cost under check. Moreover, on-the-go accessibility ensures prompt deliverance of services.

Benefits of government and public sector CRM

When effectively implemented, a government or public sector CRM will result in increased citizen satisfaction.
Some key benefits of a government CRM include:

  • 1. Streamlined communication process-
    Both internal and external communication processes will improve, as each CRM records and monitors all communication for future reference.
  • 2. Improves daily operations –
    A CRM improves the daily operations of the organization, which means better and improved quality of services for the citizens.
  • 3. Unmatched security-
    Government data requires foolproof security. Since information is stored in the cloud, you are able to access the organizational info from anywhere and at anytime – without the fear of data theft. Your data, apart from being secure, is always backed up providing complete security to the information.
  • 4. Accurate analytical reporting-
    One of the most important aspects of government business is keeping a tab on the bidding processes. Government CRM solutions and CRM for the public sector enable officials to evaluate profits and losses of numerous contractual bids. Each detailed report generated includes recorded data and trends, which help officials plan future marketing campaigns and decreases associated risks.
  • 5. Customizable dashboard-
    Government CRMs also allow officials to execute and monitor different types of marketing campaigns, all from one location. They also help in scheduling of appointments, meetings and other tasks that are status-bound. With real-time reporting of activities and campaigns, the CRM will smooth the implementation of new and exisiting programs.

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